Insights on business mobility
Enterprise mobility is about enabling value, not value engineering
Mobile working - a cost saving myth, or a gift of productivity?  The consumerisation of IT has liberated the workplace. It has freed users from IT command and control. Anyone with a mobile device can act as an independent IT department. One can add and remove apps and services and also easily procure and maintain devices. Read More
Five Predictions for Enterprise Mobility in 2013
This Executive Insight covers five of the most important trends that The Enterprise Mobility Foundation believes will define mobility within the workplace in 2013. Organizations are encouraged to consider these predictions – and their associated recommendations – in order to be prepared for the continued proliferation of mobility in the workplace. The five predictions include: [...] Read More
Expert Posts
Expert Posts are those that are submitted to and approved by the Managing Mobility community manager. Only certain members of the community are deemed as experts by the community manager. Read More
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What is Missing From EMM?
It's the mobile apps (not the devices) that make employees more productive, but they are often missing from EMM discussions. Plus, the word "management" can be viewed as reactive, and a true mobile platform is proactive. Read More
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